5 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Home Again

It’s natural for us to fall out of love with our homes over time. After all, we see the same four walls day in, day out, and while they bring us great comfort, they can also be a source of great stress.

Moving is a big commitment, but there’s no need to rush the decision to put your house on the market – you don’t even need to undertake a massive remodel.

Before you make any drastic life changes, try these five simple fixes to love you abode again.

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  • Feature Walls


If you’re after a bit more colour in your home, a feature wall in every room is less of a commitment than a full paint job.

Just remember to research your colour theory beforehand, as different colours alter spaces in different ways.

That said, don’t feel the need to stick with those solid colours – you don’t even need to use paint. Instead, you could opt for a fun wallpaper print or vinyl stickers for a fun, contemporary aesthetic. 



  • New Furniture 


Some of us have had the same furniture since we first moved in, and if you were doing that on a budget, then a lot of your furniture might even be second – or third – hand.

Now second-hand furniture can add character, but occasionally it’s nice to treat yourself to something new. 

Why not invest in a new luxury addition to your living room? Expert manufacturers like SM London have a wide range of fittings for every room that will add some timeless elegance to any room.



  • Improve Your Stairs


Your stairs are usually the first thing that you see when you walk in your home, and they can get rather battered from use after a while.

Giving them a makeover is a great way to breathe new life into your hallway. Consider fitting a fancy stair runner, or even painting them black and white for a bolder look. 



  • Fresh Flowers


Having fresh flowers around can improve the way you feel about your house. Greenery has been shown to relax us, reducing stress and anxiety.

And now, you don’t even need to go to a florist to get your beautiful bouquets. Companies like Bloom & Wild provide a flower subscription service so that your friendly flora can be delivered right to your door as often as you like!



  • Upgrade Your Lighting 


From stunning chandeliers to exposed bulbs, your lighting options are endless, and they can really enhance the aesthetics of a room. 


Not only that, but our lighting is getting increasingly high tech! Philips have introduced the Philips Hue smart bulb. Now you can control your lights from your phone, set up a schedule and choose from 16 million colour options to suit your mood. 

Moving house is a life changing thing to commit to, and you might not be ready for that just yet. Before you make a call to the estate agent, try these simple fixes to fall in love with your home again.

What simple changes have you made to improve your home? Tell us all about them in the comments below!



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