Adding Some New Desenio Prints To Our Home

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In my opinion, a home is not a home without some prints on the wall and we decided to add a few more pieces from the stylish and affordable brand Desenio. I love it all, from positive quotes to wake up to in the morning and abstract prints, to wildlife and so much more. To be honest, I do have varied taste when it comes to photography pieces but I mostly stick to black and white, which you will see in today’s blog post. I did also include a more bold abstract piece as well this time though. Read on to see which one I chose:

We’ll get to the wall prints I chose in a minute but I just wanted to express how cool Desenio actually is. I will be the first to admit that I am not the best with Interior Design and I get all my inspiration from Social Media platforms such as, Instagram and Pinterest, but that’s why Desenio is so good. They have an inspiration gallery section on their website which I have been eyeing up for a while now and I am definitely going to make a plan for my next project.

But let’s face it, you have clicked on this post to see which prints I ordered. Let’s just get straight to it shall we?

The first piece I want to talk about is this abstract female body print called the Antibes. I have seen many people with this print but I didn’t realise how much I wanted it until I saw it on the website. It’s just such a beautiful piece and I admire it everyday. We placed it in the living room, just above the beer fridge haha! and I love it!


Last year, Gareth and I were fortunate enough to head on a French cruise down the Seine River and we had a few days in the stunning city of Paris. That’s where the idea of the Parisian Balcony print came into play and sits nicely within my office space alongside the  Slow Morning print, which is a timeless and classic piece. I have wanted it for some time now. We did have the Go to Bed print in the office as well but we changed our minds and this now lives in the bathroom as I feel like this most mornings and it’s more of an appropriate place haha!


And now to my favourite piece ever! This is such a bold choice and Gareth trusted my judgement without even seeing the print but I can confirm that he loves it. Drumroll…, it’s the Abstract Terrain No1 print and I am in love. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it.


We got all the frames from Desenio as well and stuck to the black picture frames throughout. I hope you enjoyed this post and I have given you some spring inspiration to add a few prints to your wall.


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