Elafonisi – A Magical Place On The Beautiful Island Of Crete

If I can recommend any trips for you to go on whilst you are in Crete, then Elafonisi definitely should be at the top of your list. This was my second trip to a different part of the island whilst Gareth and I were on holiday in Crete back in May. It’s very easy to book this trip and I would recommend Klados Travel, super friendly people and they don’t pressure you at all in purchasing a trip there and then, in fact they encourage you to take the brochure home and have a read to see if anything does take your fancy.

I have had a few people recently say to me that they didn’t find that much to do whilst in Crete and that’s why I wanted to write this post to show you all that there is so much to explore on the island and we didn’t even get to see half of what we wanted, as there really are endless unique places to visit. When we arrived at Elafonisi, it literally took my breath away. Elafonisi is the place of the pink sand and clear blue waters – paradise!. We had 5 hours to chill, swim, take photos and just take in all the scenery which is just what I needed after hunting to find our wedding venue. The beauty of the island practically speaks for itself so I hope you enjoy the images and it makes you want to head to Elafonisi right away.

I am very intrigued to see if any of you have been to Crete before, if you went to Elafonisi and if you have anywhere that you can recommend in Crete as we are heading back over there next year. If you are interested to find out more on my wedding plans then head on over to my post We Set A Date to find out more. Please comment down below with all your suggestions and if you are blogger as well please leave your links so I can check out your sites, as I am always on the lookout for new blogs to read.






  1. Charli
    21/07/2018 / 8:38 am

    Elafonisi is one of my favorite place! Go to the Balos Lagoon, it’s amazing! And then stop in Kissamos on your way back for dinner. I have a few Chania region posts on my blog if you want to look.

    What a beautiful place for a wedding, I wish you all the luck! ❤️

    • doorwaysanddresses
      21/07/2018 / 6:53 pm

      I actually went to the Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa, amazing. Just checked out your post and your images blew me away. I need to read more of your posts on Greece for sure. Yes, I can’t wait to get married over there next year. xxx

  2. lucyisreading
    21/07/2018 / 10:41 pm

    It looks so beautiful there, I’m glad you had a relaxing time and congratulations on the wedding!

    Lucy ~ lucyturnspages.co.uk

    • doorwaysanddresses
      21/07/2018 / 10:43 pm

      Hi Lucy, thank you so much. It was stunning, can’t wait to get married there next year. If you haven’t been to Greece before, it’s a must 😘

  3. aimsysantics
    22/07/2018 / 1:33 pm

    Oh wow! Elafonisi looks magical 😍
    I didn’t really look into many places to visit when I last visited Crete (about 9 years ago!) But we did head over to Spinalonga which was eerie but beautiful at the same time. Would highly recommend this trip and reading the book ‘The Island’ by Victoria Hislop.

    Aimsy xoxo

    • doorwaysanddresses
      23/07/2018 / 4:05 pm

      Hi Aimsy, thanks for commenting. Thank you for recommending Spinalonga ,that was one place we wanted to go but we ran out of time, so we will go there next year. Balos & Gramvousa was another great trip, I will be posting about them very soon xxx

  4. 23/07/2018 / 10:50 am

    Omg this looks gorgeous! The Sea is clear and beautiful. I really want to travel now.

    • doorwaysanddresses
      23/07/2018 / 4:02 pm

      You should totally head over to Crete whenever you get chance, so much to do on the island. So beautiful xxx

  5. Maryam
    25/07/2018 / 11:38 am

    It looks beautiful. Now I want to visit Crete. Thanks for sharing.

    • doorwaysanddresses
      25/07/2018 / 12:26 pm

      Thanks so much for the comment and I’m so happy that you enjoyed the post. It’s such a beautiful island, I will be posting more on Crete soon but if you did want any tips or advice if you do go then let me know 🙂 xxx

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