Let’s Talk About My Dream Kitchen

*Ad – This post is sponsored by HC Supplies. It’s no secret that Gareth and I want to buy our own place within the next few years, after we have scouted out a few different locations. My Pinterest and Instagram saved boards are mostly of interiors and I’m not complaining about it haha. We have been renting for a while now and don’t get me wrong, I love our apartment, but I am not that in love with our kitchen and that is what has inspired me to write today’s post.

There are so many factors when buying a house, the location, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, outside space etc but one of the things that would really sell me a house is the kitchen! This might be bizarre as I don’t cook (we all know that Gareth is the chef in our house) but a kitchen is what brings so much joy to a space, don’t you agree? I am into modern kitchens with a quirky twist and wanted to talk you through my example of our dream kitchen – one day!

HC Supplies have some stunning granite worktops and as soon as I clicked on to the site and saw the first image, I was like yep! Don’t need to go any further, that’s the one hehe! I mean who wouldn’t want an island in their kitchen. I just feel that it’s a great place for people to gather around whilst Gareth is cooking, enjoy a glass of wine and catch up in an extremely chic space. As soon as we buy a house, I will be heading straight here, that’s for sure.

granite worktops

If granite worktops aren’t your thing, then have a look at silestone worktops as I also fell in love with these. My ideal kitchen would definitely have an island in the middle, with either a granite or Silestone worktop, lots of plants scattered around, beautiful patio doors coming off the kitchen and ideally an open plan feel.

I shall keep you posted on our dream house journey and where we are looking to live, we honestly can’t wait.


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