Luxury Vinyl as Popular as Ever

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The demand for luxury vinyl flooring has continued to be extremely popular for homeowners looking for solutions that are complementary to their budget, easy to install without professional help and provide their home with a fresh lease of life.

With budget being the main focus and boredom over their home’s look being another, people look to vinyl flooring brands to find a great looking product that can last for much longer.


Easy Maintenance

With more people dedicating effort into their home there is even more cleaning and unusual levels of heavy traffic through the house.

With that in mind, the decision to change to the flooring and install vinyl with its durable properties over other options has been the mass choice. Cleaning of the floor can be done within minutes and for those who prefer takeout or take time to cook themselves, there is less threat of spillages and stains due to the anti-stain properties that vinyl encompasses. Good news if those curry sauces are a weekly threat.

Simply More Choice

What is a very appealing decider when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring is that it can replicate real hardwood at a fraction of the cost.

If you choose wood vinyl you won’t be getting splitters or chippings which is also a welcome bonus. You could also opt for a stone design so you won’t have cracks or disrupted floors from having to replace the real stone. No matter if you want a look of cement or ceramic, your best guarantee is that you won’t be getting cold feet, and with vinyl being a perfect partner for underfloor heating, you have that warmth and comfort all year round.

You can even go abstract or delve into further creative options if you feel your home could have some flair to show off.

Who Needs to Learn a Trade

Whilst not everyone has expertise on flooring and not everyone has the time to learn how to correctly set wood, stone or concrete – vinyl flooring provides the look of all into a simple fitting process that even you can yourself within hours.

Luxury vinyl is very simple to install by either a choice of glue down or click together methods in tiles or planks. The fact that it can be done in hours or as a weekend project, cut to size so that it’s perfect, means that it can also provide a nice little excursion. Having the right sizes cut to fit means saving on both the environment and waste, so if you like the odd puzzle to relax you can set to work without splurging out a small fortune on professional fitter rates.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring remains as popular as it is easy and sustainable, and will be around both your floor and the marketplace for a long time to come.


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