Pallet Furniture Ideas For Your Home

*This blog post is sponsored. I have always been a fan of the rustic/boho interior decor and over this last year, the hubby and I have really brought this into our apartment.  I will say that I am very lucky that Gareth enjoys DIY and making furniture out of pallets is something that we were both very excited about. I actually think our apartment is mostly made up of Gareth’s creations. Even though I might not have got my hands dirty, I definitely helped come up with the design through endless searching on Pinterest for inspo and within the coming months, I am excited to bring our designs to life through Fancy Fonts.

I selected our top 3 items that we have made, however, keep an eye out for our little whiskey bar over the coming weeks on social media. Gareth wanted a whisky bar and decided to make one out of some leftover wood that we had in the storage room. Of course, I snuck a few of my spirits on there too! We are even going to include a Whisky sign using Fancy Fonts as well.

Boho Style Furniture

Kitchen Table

Our whole kitchen table including the benches and fruit basket were made out of pallets. The best tip I could give you, is to make sure that you design exactly what you are after before you start cutting the wood. Whether that’s exploring social media for some inspo or drawing exactly what you have in mind. In terms of the fonts that we’re going to use, we were thinking of designing Breakfast Bar and inputting this onto the table as I think it would look super rustic. We made just about everything in our apartment, so don’t worry if you feel like you don’t have the space, just use it wisely.  We really love this type of font and think it would look edgy across all pallets.

Coffee Table

Coffee Table

I wanted a coffee table for sometime and when I Googled pallet coffee tables, they were all coming up super expensive and Gareth said straight away that he wanted to make one. I was very happy as you can imagine. I am obsessed with our coffee table and it wasn’t hard work at all. We finished it off with a wood stain, for that more chic look in the living room area and we are going to design our own coasters with the same font as above and display coffee time, tea time and prosecco time. What do you think? We are also going to use the same font within the coffee table and display the chill zone as this is where you will find G and I most evenings.

Our Balcony

One of my favourite places in our apartment has to be our little paradise-like balcony. The benches, our little table and chair were all made out of pallets. It really is a little boho haven and I feel many people are jumping on the trend of converting furniture from wood pallets into comfy chic benches for their gardens and I can completely see why. Plus, upcycled/sustainable furniture is the way forward. I definitely think using fonts across all our pallet designs will bring that uniqueness and rustic element to our apartment. I am actually looking forward to us buying a house one day so we can experiment more with building our own furniture.


There are so many different ways that you can design your furniture through pallets but adding that extra special touch through Fancy Fonts will really make everything stand out. From coffee shop signs to balcony paradise signs, there are so many options and so many different designs to suit everyone.

Have you ever made anything from wood pallets or furniture in general? There is such a burst of pride when I walk round our apartment and I know that nobody will have this furniture in their home, as it was literally made in this apartment. We have recently made our bed out of pallets as well and I am so obsessed with it. I couldn’t recommend enough building your own furniture. We even put together a hat wall so I could display all my hats.

At the moment, our apartment feels complete but I am sure we’ll come up with a few more ideas to make for our little city centre apartment. Watch this space!


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