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I am super excited to share with you all this blog post on the Skinny Bakery. I am so grateful that they sent some amazing treats over to me and since I have been posting on Twitter and InstaStories raving about their brand, I thought I would write a review as I have had so many of you message me to ask what they taste like.

Skinny Bakery emailed me to say that my parcel had been sent and I should receive it the day after. I was so giddy when it arrived, I couldn’t wait to open the box to find out what goodies were in there – they all looked incredible. As you all know I have been working out at the gym and trying to eat super healthy, changing my lifestyle for the better. That doesn’t mean I don’t allow myself some treats from time to time (as we all know I have a major sweet tooth). The good news with the Skinny Bakery is that they are low in fat and calories, so this is a major plus for me. The content and ingredients are all labelled on the packaging and on the website if you did want some more information on this.

If you follow me on my social media channels, you will know that I am obsessed with the red velvet cake and was super eager to try it and with ingredients such as beetroot sponge and low fat cream cheese, I knew this would be my favourite in the box. They were delicious, as were all of the others. There are so many options on the website and if you did want to order a variety (I mean why wouldn’t you) you can always freeze them for up to 5 months if you wanted to save some for a later date.

I love the story of the founder Mariella Forte – she started her business being inspired by Skinny Latte’s and worked endlessly to create delicious cakes with a fraction of the calories. I must admit at first I did wonder what they would taste like, with ingredients such as tofu, beetroot and sweet potato and if they would taste as good as they looked. I shouldn’t have worried as they were incredible. I enjoyed each and every one of them, as did my fiancé. His favourite was the carrot cake pearls. They also do vegan and gluten free options which is a major plus.

The Skinny Bakery are going to be huge with clients such as Little Mix, Yasmin Le Bon and Dita Von Teese. I know I keep saying this but I am blown away by how good these treats taste and the fact they are low in fat and calories is just what I needed, now that I am on my health-kick.

I am so thankful to the Skinny Bakery for sending me these delicious treats and as always guys, this is my honest review of the brand. Do yourself a favour and put in an order of your favourite treats, I promise you’ll enjoy them.

Comment down below if you have tried them before or if you are intrigued and are heading over there right now to place your order.






  1. Gary Chiu
    May 24, 2018 / 4:36 pm

    Those look amazing, keep it up!! 😀

    • doorwaysanddresses
      May 25, 2018 / 8:27 am

      Thanks Gary, they were delicious 😋

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