Top Tips On Giving Your Outside Space That Rustic Feel

AD – This year, Gareth and I decided to give our little balcony a makeover and with us both working from home, we thought it was the perfect time for it. We live in the city centre and feel very fortunate that we have a balcony, our own little outside haven. For a while, we didn’t really take full advantage of our balcony, most likely because we hadn’t really done that much to it. Until this year that is! Welcome to our little rustic outside space.

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So here are a few top tips that could help turn your outside space into more of a chic/rustic atmosphere and somewhere you can really enjoy. And I know it’s winter now in the UK but don’t let that stop you, get those cosy throws out, wrap up warm and get a hot chocolate on the go.

Add Artificial Grass

I can honestly say that this really did change the game for me, we brought our own little garden to life with a cheeky trip to our local market. Everyone always asks me, where did we buy our artificial grass from and they are always shocked when I say the market. I believe for this patch it cost around £30.00 which personally I feel was a bargain. Beforehand it was the usual wooden beams and you could easily see down to the neighbours balcony, so this way it gave them and us a little more privacy as well. Also, many of our friends felt a bit uncomfortable being so high up prior to putting the grass down, but now I’m sure they’ll love it (when they eventually get to visit). So a clear game changer.

Build Your Own Furniture

I am very lucky that the hubby is very good at DIY and he made our benches, bar table & chairs all out of pallets and I am obsessed. We got the pallets off some friends, but you can easily buy them for cheap and build your own furniture for outside. Add some boho cushions (we got ours from Wilkinson’s) and already you are creating that rustic feel. Sometimes we have even taken the benches inside and put down a chic mattress for our date nights so we can really enjoy our outside space, but this was back in the summer when the weather was better. Not sure I’d be brave enough on these chilly evenings!

Balcony Ideas

Add Lighting

For that perfect rustic ambience add any kind of lighting to your home exterior. Personally, I love lots of lights outside on the balcony and led lighting is the way forward. Light Supplier has some amazing lighting ideas for outside your home. Outdoor led lighting for the garden is one of the most effective ways to add that extra brightness and look super chic all at the same time.

Invest In Some Plants

At this moment in time, we currently only have one plant on the balcony that I named baby Jeff, as big Jeff used to live in the office where I used to work and this plant is the baby version. Luckily, Gareth and I have managed to keep him alive for nearly a whole year and when I say we, it’s mostly Gareth as I always forget to water it ooops! Oh yes, and we also have a chilly plant which was present from our friends and I can’t wait to see the chillies grow – that too is still alive.

Our neighbours and close friends who live above us, literally have the most beautiful plants ever. They hang them on the rail of the balcony as well as having some plants on the floor and it really is a little boho paradise. I am very jelly, but also inspired.



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