Finally Having A Weekend Off With OTTY

This year has been super crazy busy so far and I haven’t really had the time just to relax. For the past year, Gareth and I have been sleeping on the most uncomfortable pillows and it’s one of those things that we just never got around to purchasing. I was over the moon when I was kindly gifted some pillows from OTTY. I don’t mean to be dramatic here but they most certainly have changed my life. Gareth and I were both having issues with our back and we were convinced that one of the reasons was due to our terrible pillows at the time. Step up the Deluxe pillows from OTTY, supportive memory foam including cooling gel and airflow to keep you cool. I mean I have heard of mattresses doing this but not your pillow. They’re simply perfect.

With working full time, blogging & planning our wedding – it can all get a little stressful. This weekend, Gareth and I had planned to work a little and then relax for the remainder of the weekend and it was one of the best feelings ever. I even had a 2 hour nap on Sunday, I mean that never happens and I have no regrets. Netflix, Prosecco and my good pals Ben & Jerry kept us both company for the weekend. I even brought my OTTY pillow to the sofa because I missed it so much. If you are thinking of investing in some new pillows, then I can highly recommend OTTY. What’s good to know, if you didn’t already, is that they come with a 3 year guarantee, are Hypo-Allergenic and have machine washable covers. Also, if you are on the hunt for a new mattress, OTTY does these too. If you did just want the pillows, they retail from £54.99 each.

Even though I was gifted these OTTY pillows, all opinions are my own. I’m extremely honest and will only work with brands that I believe in.




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