Getting Into The Festive Spirit

Can you believe that next month is Christmas? I mean, how fast has this year gone! I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted and I am so excited for the break, but I’ve also got into the festive spirit very quickly haha. Normally, I get quite sad when the seasons end and although I do love Autumn, I will always be a Summer baby at heart – I feel like we didn’t have a long enough Summer this year. Sigh.

Anyway, fast forward to now and I am buzzing. I have my Sister-In-Law and her boyfriend up this weekend and they are bringing their beautiful bull dog – very excited as this will be the first time that a dog will have been in our apartment and I have a feeling that I will want to steal her before they leave on Sunday.

Leeds Festivities

Gareth and I decided or should I say, I decided (hehe) to perhaps put up the Christmas tree next week. I know what you are all thinking, that it’s too soon and to be fair, I used to think that as well but I’m just feeling it this year. Last year, was a rubbish year for obvious reasons and that was the first time we put up our Christmas tree up in November and I loved it. We were going to wait until December but thought why not! Let’s jump in! (Did someone say Step into Christmas?!).

Leeds Festivities

I also have a lot of festive campaigns coming up which I’m super excited about and feel very lucky. Watch this space…..

I am a little sad as I have just been researching to see if the Leeds German Christmas market will be here this year and it looks like it might be cancelled. I mean I do understand the concerns and hopefully they will be back next year. If you’re not based in Leeds, I would highly recommend a visit to the German Christmas Market when they do come back to the city.

After doing a little research, I came across a few things for the festive period in case you were looking for something to do. Here we go….

Mother Shipton’s

If you haven’t been to Knaresborough before, I highly recommend a visit. This year, you can go and meet Santa (socially distanced) and you could take a little picnic. It really is a perfect day out for all the family and Knaresborough is one of my favourite places. You do have to purchase tickets in advance so take a look if it sounds like something you would like to do.

Christmas Shopping

If you’re looking for a fun place to do your Christmas shopping, look no further. Leeds city centre has everything, from the Trinity Leeds to all the Arcades and Victoria Quarter & Victoria Gate. Along with the Corn Exchange and the Markets, you will definitely be able to complete your Christmas shopping in this beautiful city.

Thor’s Tipi 

Every year, I head to Thor’s for a cheeky hot chocolate and baileys, minus last year that it is. If you are visiting Leeds and you’re looking for bars etc, then why don’t you check out Thor’s. You will love it!

Hope you enjoyed a few of the festive ideas that I’ve listed today and one of my top tips would be to just explore. Leeds isn’t a huge city and you can actually walk everywhere in the city centre. Let me know what your top tips are in your home city and if you have any plans to visit Leeds.


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