Return On Investment From Your Wardrobe

I remember the start of 2020 where I was preaching, new year, new me! To be fair, I’m sure that I’m not alone in this but of course this year was one that none of us could have expected. I decided to look at everything a little differently and one of those things was my clothes. In today’s blog post, I talk through how to get a return on investment from your wardrobe and how to restyle your pieces.

Even though, I know that I can do better, I have definitely made wiser choices with my purchases this year. At the end of each Summer, I unpack all my coats and knitwear from the previous year and if I am being completely honest, this year I forgot that I had half of the items that were packed away in storage. I soon realised that I didn’t even need to purchase another coat or any new knitwear this year because everything I own is still in perfect condition. Being a fashion blogger, I sometimes get gifted items, however, I only select items that I know I can wear multiple ways and throughout the years.

Keep a few staple items

Always keep 4-5 versatile items in your wardrobe that you can mix with different items throughout the year. My wardrobe consists of mostly neutral colours but I do have the odd pop of colour in there. I still have a few Summer dresses that I have kept in my wardrobe and I just add a piece of knitwear and a jacket to make it more of an autumnal look.

Autumn Wear

Get inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest

Whether you find your inspiration through social media or magazines, create a mood board of fashion inspo that you love. You don’t have to buy their exact pieces as nine times out of ten, you will have something similar in your wardrobe. I find this so therapeutic and love shopping my wardrobe and adding different items together.

Autumn Wear

Styling your pieces in different ways

Styling your pieces in various ways will stop you getting bored of them. For instance, a statement jacket looks great with a pair of jeans and a white tee, but you can also wear this with a Summer dress and boots for a fall look. Make your favourite pieces of clothing feel fresh again by mixing them up and putting different looks together.


Use my hashtag on Instagram

I recently created a hashtag on Instagram under #rewindyourwardrobe and I would love to see all your oldies but goodies from your closet. I have recently been posting some items that I have owned for years and sometimes it’s refreshing to see people re-wearing older items. Sometimes, there feels like a lot of pressure to shop the next best shacket or the new pair of boots that have come out but remember, you have some stunning items in your wardrobe already, you just need to be creative.


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