A Life Update For October

I have never done a life update for a particular month before but I thought hey why not and here we go with October! In fact, I have never written a life update in general but there’s a first time for everything!

October is slowly becoming one of my favourite months, I mean what is there not to love. You get to enjoy things like Autumn fashion, Halloween and colder weather setting in – OK maybe not this one so much but I am a sucker for a nice big jumper during the cold season. One thing I am yet to try and am very excited about is a pumpkin latte. To be fair I have only just begun drinking coffee this year, so a pumpkin latte may have been a bit of a stretch previously, but not this year! I know what you’re all thinking but I really didn’t like coffee that much until I landed a job in marketing last year. My boss said “you will start to enjoy coffee” and at the time, I really hoped so. I was the annoying friend that met you in a coffee shop and ordered a diet coke or a hot chocolate, coffee just wasn’t for me.

To cut a long story short, as I feel like this blog post is turning into a love song for coffee, I started with a mocha and ended up really enjoying the taste so I feel that now I can be a cool cat and try a pumpkin latte. By the way, let me your thoughts on this as I’m very intrigued.

October so far hasn’t been a total crazy month for me to be fair. I have just got back from Doncaster after celebrating my beautiful Mum’s birthday and my gorgeous besties baby shower which was all very exciting. I love going back to Doncaster and spending a little time away from the city, as much as I do love the hustle and bustle. My trip basically consisted lots of dog walks, too much food and great company.

For the rest of the October, Gareth and I are making sure we have all our documents together to give notice of our marriage for next year, so that’s all very exciting (I’ve created a Wedding Diaries category if you would like to check it out). I’m extremely nervous that I forget to take the wrong document or something but I am sure that will all be A-OK.  This year so far has been incredible, I have worked with so many different brands and I am so thankful for that. It has been so nice to take a small break which I believe was also very much needed and now I am back in full swing of everything. I have a very exciting collaboration with Weird Ape watches coming up which is a Yorkshire brand and I always love to support smaller companies. Watch out for this over on Instagram this week as I will be showing off their very stylish and sleek watches.

I believe at some stage this week, work and I are off for breakfast at the new Ivy in Leeds city centre and I am so excited about this. It’s crazy how fast they built it, literally felt like two minutes. I have been to the Ivy before in Sydney, it was so beautiful and even had a swimming pool (don’t think Leeds does funnily enough).

In a nutshell, my life update and goals are to try a pumpkin latte, start posting on my blog at least twice a week and carry on with the wedding plans. Also, I really want to shop for a pumpkin and of course whip-up some pretty cool content whilst shopping for a pumpkin.

October might not be super exciting but I have really enjoyed sharing with you and I will probably make it more of a consistent thing. Follow me over on Instagram for all my Autumnal content.



  1. fessjarmer
    09/10/2018 / 3:19 pm

    Did you manage to try the pumpkin latte yet?? They are LIFE! Also I love the Ivy and totally know what you mean! We had one go up in Cheltenham last year and it seemed to go up pretty quick!! They seem to be branching out everywhere these days! x

    • doorwaysanddresses
      09/10/2018 / 3:25 pm

      Hi Jess, I haven’t tried the pumpkin latte yet but I am making it my mission this month to try. I am off to the Ivy on Thursday for breakfast and I am so excited. It looks so nice. xxx

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