Celebrate Your Lockdown Birthday In Style

Happy Birthday to all my fellow people who have celebrated their birthday in lockdown. When we first went into lockdown back in March last year, I never thought that we would be in our third lockdown for my birthday, which was a few weeks ago now.

I have seen a few people celebrating their birthday in lockdown and they have been asking for advice on how to celebrate this magical day. So, I thought I would put together a few ideas that we did to celebrate our birthdays (Gareth’s was in December) in the hopes that it gives you some inspiration and tips for your very own birthday party at home, because it’s still really important that you celebrate your special day in one way or another.

Lockdown Birthday Ideas

Messages from home

This is by far the most thoughtful and special thing that anyone could ever do. This was a little trend in our friendship group last year and I never thought that Gareth would put together a birthday video message from our loved ones for me. I just felt super loved and it was so special. It costs nothing but time and will really make someone’s day. Message family and friends to film a little birthday message and then put them all together using either iMovie or another video editing platform/software. We used Adobe Rush.

Lockdown Birthday

Have a virtual party

Book a zoom birthday party! Decorate your place with balloons and get a birthday cake to celebrate with loved ones virtually. Oh and don’t forget a cheeky drink or 2!

Invest in a projector and have a cinema date night

We invested in a projector back in the first lockdown and it is one of the best things we have ever bought. It has completely transformed our movie nights and it feels like we’re in our very own cinema. Get the popcorn, snacks and pop on your favourite movie. You can even watch your video message from family or have your virtual party through your projector. Take a look on Amazon, they have some amazing ones on there.

Lockdown Birthday

Lockdown Birthday

Spa Day

Get your favourite face mask, put on some chilled music, run a bubble bath and treat yourself to a spa day. Followed by a nice take away and a few drinks. Now that sounds like a great birthday to me, I might even do this tonight, even though it’s not my Birthday anymore hehe! “Wine” not.

Pizza Making & Cocktails

Everyone loves pizza, so why not make your own? If you live with friends or a partner, get them to join in. Cocktail making is so much fun too and with you not being able to go sample a nice cocktail at your nearest bar, the next best option I guess is re-creating them at home. Pizza and cocktail night for the win!

Lockdown Birthday

I hope you enjoyed this post and it has given you some inspiration to plan something for your birthday. Even though we’re all stuck at home, you can still make it super special. There are so many ideas but these are my favourite. Let me know in the comments if it’s your birthday soon and what your plans are to celebrate.



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