Dermalogica Prisma And My Skin-Solver Treatment

Ad- Skincare Influencer with Dermalogica. All the items were gifted and my opinion is 100% my own.

How excited are you that Spring is here? I would be if it actually felt like it, but as I live in Leeds, the weather has been somewhat unreliable – but let’s focus on the things we can control. Dermalogica really cheered me up when they sent over the Dermalogica Prisma Protect SPF 30 to try. I can’t stress this enough that no matter what the weather, rain or shine it’s so important to apply SPF. This is something that I have become very aware off as I’m getting older and I do everything in my power to protect my skin. I use an SPF every single morning, even if it’s snowing outside (as crazy as it sounds but trust me, you will thank me later).

I know that sometimes certain SPF products can feel greasy and most of them don’t smell the best but the Dermalogica Prisma feels super soft and light when applied to the skin and the smell just reminds me of holidays – this in itself makes me very happy. As stated on the Dermalogica website, the Prisma has intelligent drone technology which is activated by visible light to help boost skin’s natural luminosity and protects against sun damage and rapid skin ageing.

Applying the Protect Prisma

This is literally my morning routine. I wake up and start off with my double cleanse, before applying the Prisma. This specific product is very lightweight and hydrating, which again is great for me as I suffer with dry skin sometimes, so this really helps. If you’re on the lookout for a new SPF face cream, I can highly recommend this product. Remember to apply everyday. I can’t stress this enough. If you want to find out my skincare routine head on over to my Dermalogica – My New Skincare Routine blog.

I was kindly invited down to Harvey Nichols in Leeds by the lovely Dermalogica team for a 10 minute skin solver treatment last week. I haven’t had a treatment like this in a long time, so I was very excited and slightly nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. I must say the whole team are lovely, welcoming and really know their stuff when it comes to skincare.

Talking through each and every product that we’d be using that day was incredible and I learned so much about my own skin, who would have thought. If you’re unsure what skin type you are or what products you need to be using, do yourself a favour and head to your nearest Dermalogica counter, they will be more than happy to steer you in the right direction towards skincare bliss.

My favourite product was the Biolumin Serum, designed to brighten and firm your skin. It feels super soft and light on my skin, perfect for the up-coming pre wedding skin treatment.



  1. We're going on an adventure
    13/04/2019 / 6:34 pm

    I flipping love Dermalogica – will definitely check out the sunscreen. The skin solver treatment sounds fascinating.

    • doorwaysanddresses
      24/04/2019 / 6:16 am

      Me too, I love this brand. The skin Solver treatment was so informative, I can highly recommend. It’s only 10 minutes, I really want to try out the other treatments too xxx

  2. sarahsarsby
    13/04/2019 / 6:50 pm

    I just bought a new BB Cream with SPF in it, but not too sure if I’ll stick with it as it’s very matte and quite drying, but the Dermalogica sounds like a winner. Plus, Dermalogica’s stuff is great anyway!

    • doorwaysanddresses
      24/04/2019 / 6:14 am

      Yes, I can highly recommend and I can confirm it’s very hydrating. I suffer with very dry skin so I needed something hydrating. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading Sarah xxx

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