This Girl Is Off To Germany For Christmas

Say what? That’s right, this girl is off to Germany for Christmas and I am way too excited.

The last time I was in Germany was when I was working on the ships and we went into dry dock for refurbishment in Hamburg. This was when I had just met Gareth and we were getting to know one another, so Germany as a whole will always have a special place in my heart, as this is where our relationship blossomed. This time around we are off to Frankfurt to spend Christmas with our friends and I’m really looking forward to, a catch-up with them is well over-due! Gareth was over in Frankfurt earlier in the year whilst I was in Tenerife with my family and he only had good things to say about the city.

If you read my post on Christmas Markets in Leeds, you will be aware of how much I love a good old festive market so please prepare yourselves for a lot of Christmas content coming from me this month – you wouldn’t expect anything else ‘I hear you say’. I also get to see my family in a few weeks time so we will be celebrating Christmas together again when they pop through to Leeds. I remember the last time I spent Christmas away from family and that was when I was travelling Australia.

It was so cool, I was living with a girl called Laura at the time and I went to meet her with some other friends at Bondi Beach in Sydney after she had finished her shift (I know right, working on Christmas Day sucks). After that, we planned on having friends round to our apartment but it kind of all fell through. To be honest Laura and I were super disorganised and our Christmas day dinner consisted of vodka and bourbon biscuits. I had to contain my drunkenness when I Skyped home due to the big time difference between the UK and Australia.

Anyway, moving on from my mental travelling experience, I am sure this time is going to be a lot different. I am an adult now, or at least I like to think I am. One thing I know for sure is there will definitely be vodka but I’ll refuse the bourbon biscuits this time around (maybe).  I will try and post a few blogs during the Christmas week for you lovely lot, but no promises. This isn’t a working holiday and I’m in need of some downtime as I have lots of exciting projects planned in the new year, which I am so excited to share with you all.

I will however be active over on my other social channels so make sure you’re following me @doorwaysanddresses and on Twitter @doorwaysdresses.






  1. yorkshiremumof4
    08/01/2019 / 7:11 pm

    Sounds like a lovely time, we keep wanting to go away for Christmas but never get round to it

    • doorwaysanddresses
      08/01/2019 / 9:31 pm

      It’s the first time in years that we have done it but it was amazing. This year will be at home for sure though ❤️

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