Why Self Care Is Important To Our Daily Lives

Self care is giving the world the best of you and something we really should be doing on a daily basis. Having a ‘You’ day is so important, but what if we took one of those days everyday. What I mean by that is, why wait until the weekend to have a bubble bath or a glass of wine? If you feel that you need to do this through the week, I say go for it!

Of course, self care isn’t just one chilled evening once in a blue moon or a quick fix, it’s something that we should incorporate into our daily routines. Here a few things that I have been doing recently to change my mindset and take better care of myself.

Self Care

Working out in the morning

I find that if I don’t work out in the morning (however hard that might be) I just won’t do it. It’s definitely all in the mind as I know I will never regret a workout and I always feel incredible afterwards. It’s just getting myself to wake up, head to the living room and jump on the treadmill. In front of my treadmill, I have a huge print with the quote: ‘Your mind is a powerful thing, when you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change’. This really does help me start the day the right way.

Take regular breaks throughout the day

I know many people are still working from home and some are starting to filter back into the office already. I know that when I was working at an agency, but based at home, I would often forget to take a coffee break and would hardly ever a take long enough lunch break, but this has all changed now. It’s so important to take regular breaks and refresh the mind. Don’t skip them! It will actually make you more productive.

Self Care

I focus on my skincare routine

I know skincare isn’t for everyone but I am truly obsessed. It’s a little bit of me-time and I find my skincare routine super therapeutic and my skin always thanks me in the end. I have a morning and evening routine and I can’t recommend it enough. If you have had a super busy day, pop on a face mask and relax for 20 minutes. You will feel super chilled afterwards.

Take CBD

I was always sceptical of taking CBD oil, but when Thrive got in touch last year and wanted to send me a sample, I was intrigued and thought why not give it a go. It’s honestly one of the best things I have ever done and I’ve literally finished the bottle now. Sometimes, if I struggle to sleep, I would just place a few drops under my tongue and then sleep like a baby. I find it really helps with anxiety as well, which is great as it can be taken during the day as well.

Self Care

Remember you can say no!

I am definitely a people pleaser and tend to say yes to everything. This is something that I have definitely worked on a lot this year. Remember that you can say no to things if you don’t want to do them and people will understand. If they don’t then that’s their problem, not yours. You are your top priority, remember that!


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