5 Things I Love About Autumn

Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season of the year (after summer of course). What is there not to love? The weather becomes almost dream-like, the colour orange is everywhere & Hello! pumpkin spice lattes – YESSS! Ok, I might not have actually tried one of these yet but I promise that this year is THE year and I shall report back on my thoughts very soon.

Here are the 5 things that I love most about the Autumnal months.


Fall Style

There’s something about Autumn fashion that gets me really excited. Cosy sweaters, the huge range of boots, big beanie hats – the list goes on. I feel so chic in Autumn and I just love going out exploring new looks and shooting different pieces for the blog and sharing my favourite looks for Autumn. I personally love the oversize look, so get ready to see more of this over on the gram within the coming months.

Pumpkin Picking

I haven’t done this yet but somehow it has made it into my favourite things about Autumn. I think I just love the idea of it. Every year I say I’m going to go and I always seem to run out of time, but not this year. I’m determined! I’m always envious of people going pumpkin picking and this year is my year. Let me know if you have done this before and if you have any recommendations for me around Yorkshire.


Wrapping Myself Up In My Favourite Throw

I love getting home from the gym (when I actually go) and getting all cosy on the sofa with a hot chocolate and my favourite knitted throw from Christy Home. I’m actually on the hunt for a little basket to place in the living room and I’m going to fill it with so many throws, so when guests come over they can just grab one and make themselves at home. Gareth has also turned our little balcony into a garden so I think we’re going to have a few cosy nights outside. Ah bliss! Check out my Ultimate Cosy Night in blog post!

The Changing Leaves

You know it’s Autumn when the colour of the leaves start to change and I for one love this. I find it so magical and peaceful. I live near a canal and walk along it to work, I find the changing of the seasons so relaxing and it’s so evident that Autumn is here based on the the changes the trees are going through.



I didn’t end up doing anything for Halloween last year but the year before we had a party at our apartment and it was incredible (if I do say myself). We decorated the flat with lots of spooky items and everyone made such an effort by dressing up. I have no idea what we are doing this year but I’m already getting excited. Even if it is just a night in with my husband, a bottle of wine and a scary movie – and sweets, don’t forget the sweets!





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