My Hen Party – The Perfect Send Off

After all the wedding posts I have written, I can’t believe that I never made mention of my hen party and what I got up to – apologies guys!

I’m just going to jump right in and say that being the diva I am (not really shh!) I actually had 2 hen parties. One with all my family and bridal party and then another with my work crew. If I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t that bothered about a hen party and I had no idea what I wanted. I knew that I would die if anyone got me a stripper and thank god that didn’t happen. My sister who was also my maid of honour organised me the perfect send off and it was the classiest hen party ever, well it was until the end of the evening when I threw up in my own kitchen sink. Lovely!

hen party

Afternoon Tea At The Sky Bar – Double Tree

I wore “THAT” Zara dress, before it was popular of course, and I had a bridal sash with a veil that kept falling off every 2 seconds. I made my mind up that evening that I wasn’t going to wear a veil on my wedding day haha! I was very nervous and a little anxious as not a lot of my family and bridal party had met before but I needn’t have been worried as everyone got on like a house on fire. We even had a little baby through parts of the day, my bridesmaids little boy Rafael (how cute is that name, half Italian and half Cost Rican – he is definitely going to break some hearts when he’s older). He came along as my bridesmaid was breastfeeding at the time but he slotted right in and as he’s the most chilled out baby ever.

hen party

The Afternoon Tea was amazing and of course I upgraded to the Unlimited Prosecco, so my glass was never empty. In Leeds tradition it was throwing it down outside but luckily we had bars all around us, WINNER! We headed on over to the Water Lane Boat House for a few gin and tonics before my family and a few of my friends went for the last train back to Doncaster. Then there were 4 of us left and looking back, I should probably have gone home as I was not on this planet haha! What went from a classic hen party turned into a little bit of a mess. A good mess though. Thanks to my friends for all the shots, they really did finish me off. Luckily my friend Charlotte was on hand and she told me that it was time to go home, thank you girl!

hen party

Hen Party Part 2

My lovely work lot decorated the whole office with banners and inappropriate items along with an inflatable banana that I had to take out with me that evening – too funny! Before we headed out after work, we were playing drinking games in the office (standard) and we ordered a Dominoes – I mean that’s what I’m talking about! We then headed to a bar called Lupe which unfortunately has now closed down – not because of us, promise. We rented a Karaoke booth and it was so epic, we even had a little button where we pushed for drink orders (I felt like a proper diva, even with my inflatable banana). It’s safe to say that it got quite messy in the end, with me going home with only one shoe as I broke a heel.

All in all, I had the perfect classy hen party and then a messy night after. Thanks so much to everyone for making it an extra special. I’d love to hear what all of you married ladies got up to on your hen party…


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