My incredible trip to Venice

I’ve been so excited to write this blog on Venice and to share my weekend trip with you all. Ever since I visited Rome, I was hooked on Italy and Venice was the next place on my list. I have been dreaming of going to Venice for so long now and I can tell you that it didn’t disappoint. We have a friend (Giulia) who is from Venice, so we decided to head out there with her and her husband Michael). It was incredible to have our very own tour guides (thanks guys). We got to see all the tourist attractions as well as feeling the local vibes (always my fav). We got picked up at the airport by Giulia’s grandma who kindly dropped us off in the city of Venice and took  our luggage back to the villa so we could start exploring straight away.

Off we went to explore the city and from start to finish it just took my breath away. We started walking and purposefully got lost in the city, where you find all the best parts. We ended up in Campo Santa Margarita square which is such a quirky place where you can see Venezians do what they do best. After having a stroll around and exploring we decided to try real Italian pasta at Bigoi which was divine that I couldn’t stop eating it! It was also such good value for money, which is always a bonus. The service there was so friendly and welcoming as well, make sure you say hello to Kaba when you visit.





It was finally time to go on a gondola and I was super excited….. until I was actually on one as I was a little bit nervous and thought that we were going to go overboard but I am so happy that I can say I went on a gondola in Venice. Giulia went and showed us her Airbnb apartments which are located in the centre of Venice and they were just so quaint and stunning. They had everything that you could possibly want in an apartment and I can’t recommend this place enough. It’s good to point out that there is a bar just opposite which is very good value for money, please go and sit on the deck it’s so peaceful and you can really take in the fresh Italian air.



So after a few too many glasses of prosecco it was time to go to the tourist areas and we ended up at the famous Piazza San Marco. As soon as we approached the square it took my breath away, it was incredibly stunning and full of history. This is a must see when you are in Venice for sure, just go and have a walk around and take in all of the scenery. Obviously with it being a tourist attraction, it is going to be very busy so make sure you keep hold of all of your possessions just like you would do normally.


After more exploring, lots of prosecco, tapas and getting lost, it was time to find our way back to the shop. We decided to take a water taxi back which was the quickest way and was super fun and then we headed to our accommodation which was a stunning villa in the heart of Venice. Again you can find this on airbnb and I would totally recommend you look this place up. If you are looking to stay in Venice, but out of the central area, then this place is for you. It even has a swimming pool (what more could would you want in Venice).


Morning had come and it was time to rise and shine and go and explore a little more of local Venice, and the best way to do that is on bikes. Now, I haven’t ridden a bike since I was very young so I thought this would be interesting. I had the time of my life. I am totally going to invest in a bike. Cycling in Venice was the perfect way to explore and build up an appetite – ooooh I was ready for some seafood at Osteria La Rosa over looking the stunning ocean!

It was time once again to head back to the villa and Giulia’s family made sure that we weren’t leaving Italy without tasting Pizza, Gelato and Kaba’s homemade Tiramisu. I normally don’t like Tiramisu but Kaba’s was so delicious I think he has converted me. I can’t believe we were only in Venice for 2 days and saw so much. I am exhausted but I have had the time of my life and Venice was everything I expected and more. My advice would be, don’t stick to the tourist areas too much as they are super expensive and very busy. Go explore and get lost in the city and find all the hidden treasures and discover Venice for what it really is.

Have you ever been to Italy before? Which is your favourite part? Where would you recommend next?

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Hope you enjoyed my trip to Venice blog xxx


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